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Include all Fonts
  • Provide all fonts, including those used in EPS graphics.
  • All Mac supported PostScript Type 1 printing and screen fonts must be supplied with your files.
  • If you're using PC fonts, please supply a list of all fonts used in your files.

    Include Supporting Artwork
  • Provide all linking art (TIFF, EPS, etc.).
  • Make sure the linking art is made with an appropriate resolution, 300 ppi for continuous-tone images and 1200 ppi for line-art images
  • Make sure filenames of linking art match those called for in your layout files.
  • Clearly label any elements that are For Position Only.
  • Make sure the document size of each layout file is the same as the desired trim size.
  • Make sure any element that is intended to bleed actually extends beyond the document crops. Our standard bleed is 1/8 inch.
  • Provide hard copy (if mailed) or a PDF with your open format job. Print your lasers at 100% size if possible.

    Remove Unused Items/Colors
  • Eliminate unused elements from the pasteboard or from hidden layers in your files.
  • Eliminate unused colors from each file. Eliminate duplicate colors in each file.
  • Eliminate files from your disk that you do not intend to be part of your project.
  • Do not define any rules as "hairline." If you want a very fine rule, set it to .5 point.

    Convert Document Colors
  • For Digital Printing: Set your colors to CMYK or spot colors, not RGB. In open (raw) or closed (pdf) format.
  • For Press Printing: Set your colors to Pantone (PMS) or spot colors. In open (raw) or closed (pdf) format.

  • Prepress File Upload Instructions
    Lawrence offers an online upload form where you can attached & upload your compressed file. All open format files need to be compressed into one file for easy transfer. We recommend that you .zip or .sit your open format files. A closed format file (pdf) can be attached directly.

    Prepress File Upload Form

    Your Name:
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    Job Details & Comments

    Attach Your File (.zip .sit .pdf .jpg)

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